About Us

A few years ago the company's Founder, Dianna Montague, was at a boxing match in Atlantic City promoted by boxing legend, "Big" George Foreman's younger brother, Roy Foreman, who is a local boxing promoter there.  At the fight's after party, Smokin' Joe Frazier's daughter, who is an attorney and municipal court judge in Philadelphia, came up to Ms. Montague to tell her that she saw a friend of hers in the crowd who was an international marketing and finance expert from the famed Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  Ms. Frazier wanted to introduce Ms. Montague to him so that he could help her with getting a book written about her unusual story of being a master ship builder and a union iron worker in Philadelphia. When the gentleman heard Ms. Montague's story, he immediately said "Forget the book, you need to be in business! There are $3 trillion in infrastructure construction contracts in the pipeline, 77,000 structurally deficient bridges in the U.S., and all manner of major buildings, heavy highway projects, dormitories, stadiums, and more to be built throughout the Americas."  

Almost immediately after that auspicious chance meeting Ms. Montague had a new moniker, "The Iron Lady," and she was shortly thereafter Chairman and CEO of Iron Lady Enterprises, Inc.

Our company is the only company in existence that is a U.S. DOT certified, Iron Workers Union signatory MBE/WBE/DBE construction and concrete reinforcement contractor that is PennDOT prequalified for (S7) rebar installation on roads and bridges and is owned by a card carrying female Iron Workers Union member who performs rebar installation work herself.  

As a certified, bona fide "triple threat" MBE/WBE/DBE construction and concrete reinforcement contractor and supplier of materials, we are a strategic partner of the most desireable kind  for  general contractors and project owners seeking a one-stop-shop supplier/installer to help them complete projects on time and on budget while simultaneously complying as much as possible from a single source with women and minority-owned business participation goals and requirements.

By way of background, the Iron Lady herself, Dianna Montague, is the first ever African-American female in history to become a member of the Philadelphia Iron Workers Local #405, and the only female of any ethnicity to ever graduate from the Union's apprenticeship program.  Ms. Montague spent more than twenty years working out of the Philadelphia Navy Yard as a decorated civilian employee of the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Department of Defense welding and building ships. She was rewarded for her excellence with stints at the Norfolk, VA Naval Shipyard, the Long Beach, CA Naval Shipyard, and at Pearl Harbor, HI.  She helped to build some of the City of Philadelphia's most iconic structures, including the Commodore Barry Bridge and the new Philadelphia Convention Center.  Ms. Montague is the Chairman & CEO of the company and she is a certified Master Welder, Rigger, Rod Setter, and Heavy Equipment Mover. 

Iron Lady Enterprises, Inc. has been prequalified by the likes of Turner Construction (www.TCCO.com), Temple University, and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.  The company's principals have completed various university based and continuing education and certification programs, including the Turner Construction School of Construction Management at Rutgers University Camden, NJ campus, the Skanska USA Building Blocks program at Rutgers University' Newark, NJ campus, various City of Philadelphia minority contractor development programs, and others.  

We speak Chinese and Spanish with native fluency and we have established strong, direct relationships with the largest contractors in the United States, Asia, and Latin America, permitting us to source material and handle construction projects without limitation as to scale, scope, or complexity of fabrication, in compliance with Buy America Act provisions and otherwise.